“I’m afraid I’m easy to forget.”
— The Six Word Love Story #69 (via guy)


Omg is it really you…its been so long. ..


how to walk a mile: a 5280 step program

  • Friend: The TFiOS trailer might as well have been a giant spoiler. It's so obvious that Hazel is gonna die.
  • Me: 
  • Friend: 
  • Me: 
  • Friend: 
  • Me: Goddamnit just read the book


"kids arent being social now a days because of those brain washing phones" what the fuck do you think we’re doing with the phones. do you think we just stare at the number pad. do you think twitter is just a one way text from a robot bird.

“One time everyone was calling me a liar and said I was brat and mean to everyone. I would go home and cry about it. I got really sad.”
— Maddie Ziegler breaking my fucking heart (via twerking-brookehyland)




You’re welcome

This is the most useful thing I’ve ever reblogged.

hey, I’m writing a POV piece for writing class about sexism in toys, so if anyone has additional points/ evidence/ resources to back up my claim that toys should be gender-neutral it would be extremely appreciated!!